The Story So Far

Swanky J’s became a reality whilst I was working as an independant nail technician from a conversation I had with a client, who wanted a bracelet to match the colour of her nails. Following this I decided to see if I could make some unusual jewellery to match, which soon sold but was too time consuming so I decided to outsource the jewellery. I soon realized the potential that was there to diversify and add other lines. I moved away from nails and started selling jewellery and scarves at small local events. Again from customer enquiries I added fashion clothing, handbags and accessories sourcing from small independant suppliers giving individual items rather than the mass produced look.

Swanky J’s ethos is to offer unusual, good quality, and competitively priced products to its customers.

Swanky J’s has been in business for two years now and has built up a regular clientele, who will either ring or call at Swanky J’s Boutique, which is set up at my home, for that personal private shopping experience, and if it’s not on display then I try to source it for them. My venues include some special up market events, charity events and private events together with three times a year I host a shopping event at Swanky J’s Boutique at home.

I have had two years of fast learning made a few errors on the way but not many, from which I have learnt. I have met some amazing people some of which are now good friends.

It’s been an exciting adventure so far and I can’t wait for you to come along with me for the next chapter.

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At Swanky J's we like to take care of our customers, we offer a friendly customer service, with quality products. Please explore the rest of the website and find the perfect gift for someone close to you, or more importantly yourself.

Happy Shopping 🙂

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Tender, Loving, Care

1. Care! The most important way to care for your costume jewellery is to keep it away from anything that could cause a reaction. That means soap, perfume, moisturiser, washing up liquid, anything that may contain chemicals that will tarnish the finish of the item. Many people don’t even know they are causing damage to their jewellery but a spritz of perfume or hairspray can effect anything they come into contact with ie. Salt water and chlorine

2. Give it a rest! Be nice to your costume jewellery and give it some time off every now and then. Costume jewellery isn’t designed for day in day out wear,

3. Separate is better! Store your jewellery individually. Keep items in their boxes, or even better in soft pouches to avoid chipping or stone loss.

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